12 March 2024
Bujang Takes Feld

In what was hailed as a personal triumph of perseverance, Grilled International trainee Bujang bin Azrinuddin earned his first official pro contract from Swiss V.81 leaders FC Sihlfeld, five days after turning twenty. This might not in itself be particularly special, other than for the fact that Bujang had endured a season and a half of training with the reserves without an International squad number, before being called.

"I mean, I wouldn't advise any guy to stick it out as long as Bujang did." assistant coach Hafiz bin Hj Lamat admitted. "But he did, and it seems to have worked out for him. Congratulations!"

Considering that Sihlfeld boss Kustaa Hannula had moved winger Christopher Jan Visjager on to Romania's reddogsteam for a modest profit just the day before, Bujang recognized that he might not be a long-term fixture in the club's reckoning, but the arrangement suited him just fine. "I just needed a foot in." the bearded wingman declared. "For now, I consider myself fully a Sihlfeld player, and will do my best to advance their cause."

The Birds' Kwek Lai Tse took a more conventional route, joining Ken Mukai at Tampines Phoenix F.C. after less than a fortnight. A rounded fullback known for his ability to handle himself in tough situations, the 17 year-old will have no shortage of mentors at his new club, chief amongst them current national wingback Israel Brown.

"There are few better places to develop in my position." Kwek asserted proudly. "I'll always keep the Birds in my thoughts."

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