Grilled Birds 8 - 0 Boss Power
International Friendly, Season 8727 March 2024 04:30 HTT
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Grilled Birds
Boss Power
Joe Reece (2)
Evandro La Face (14)
Egemen Dinçer Ferzan (16)
Radovan Jaška (31)
Evandro La Face (59)
Evandro La Face (60)
Evandro La Face (90)
Chad Thach (90)

Bossing It Around
The Face of Destruction

Evandro La Face would gain a little of a reputation as a flat track bully, as he built on his brace against Wesnoth FC, with four goals in today's friendly against Dutch VI.689 leaders Boss Power. That is one label that the Spanish forward is hardly likely to mind, however, as his honest enjoyment was writ on his face by the end of the match at The Cooking Pot.
One might not have expected the 8-0 scoreline given the sogged turf resulting from a night of rain, but Grilled's groundkeepers had worked their magic, and the players would move the ball about more nimbly than looked possible. In fact, the commentators had not even finished introducing the Boss Power squad in full, when Joe Reece had clipped it past young Juan Ríos Ríos, thanks to excellent approach work by Gandhik Chitre.

This was no mean feat with the visitors' three defenders all established in their own right, with Corsin Cione perhaps unfortunate that Chitre had threaded the needle then. Other than those positions, French Number Seven Thomas Delaunay was their clear commander in the middle, with Italian striker Guarino Drusian captaining the side. Drusian would often find himself quite far from the action, sadly, as Evandro La Face and Egemen Dinçer Ferzan put the Birds three up by the sixteenth minute.

Boss Power would acquit themselves decently for the rest of the half, save for a 31st minute penalty given after Adrian Mârza had tried to apply some of the darker arts of man-marking on Reece. The Welshman appeared to be debating taking it himself, but eventually deferred it to Radovan Jaška, who did not disappoint. Chitre then smashed one into the side-netting after 36 minutes, with Cione then booked for trying to hold up a free-kick.

Chitre drove much of Grilled's initial offensives in the second half too, but had no luck with his own shots, as he lofted a superb attempt just over in the 50th minute. La Face might have stolen his finishing boots, then, as what seemed like a mistaken touch saw the ball roll teasingly between the goalkeeper's legs for 5-0 in the 59th. As if that were not enough, La Face's weak contact on his header from Ferzan's cross the very next minute turned out in his favour too, as it avoided Cione's attempted block on the more direct path, and dropped in at the far post regardless.

Hat-trick complete, Evandro La Face would tone it down some as Tian first replaced Mohsen El Khateeb with Teo Chuan Yong, and then Chitre with Bilal Mohammad Harun. The Spaniard could not resist having another go in injury time when the ball bounced out to him, though, and he simply couldn't miss on the day. Chad Thach would be encouraged to hack at it himself, which would be the eighth goal.

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