~Pollen~ 4 - 1 Grilled Birds
League, Season 7303 November 2019 04:30 HTT
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~Pollen~ 4 - 1 Grilled

Clear skies welcomed the 36505 spectators who had made their way to ~The Flower Pot~. Kåre Halseth was the appointed referee with assistance provided by João Horta and Guaire De García. Everyone was excited about the upcoming Jurong derby and the crowd was divided evenly. They fielded: Lemonauria - Velázquez, Burghgraaff, Viazzo - Bollinger, Al-Rashdy, Albertario, Aguilar, Notarnicola - Trakimas, Królasik.

The following players took the field: Dob - Webb, Panigrahi - Parvathaneni, Egan, Mohammad Harun, Muthyala, Dong Chu - Ze Han, Davlatov, Xin Seng.

~Pollen~ started the game in a 3-5-2 formation, whereas Grilled Birds lined up in a 2-5-3 formation. Grilled seemed to prefer attacking in the middle, taking advantage of their divine (+4) level with that tactic. It emerged that Bernie Egan had hurt his right foot after 7 minutes, which led him to abandon the game. Chu Xin Lee tried to hide a smile as he entered the field. He had not expected to get a chance this day. Many thought Alessandro Notarnicola ought to have been awarded a penalty 24 minutes into the game, as he went down trying to dribble around Massoud Dob after a determined run through the middle. With 25 minutes played, the home side managed to get a 1 - 0 lead as Albert Bollinger flipped the ball in after a cross from the right. Albert Bollinger's lightning pace was too much for Bhavya Panigrahi who could only look on as the ~Pollen~ player blasted one home. 2 - 0. Ramy Mansoor Al-Rashdy increased the lead for ~Pollen~ to 3 - 0, getting a head onto a hooked ball from the right. The ball looked to have taken a deflection on the way in, but he's claiming it! ~Pollen~'s Krzysztof Królasik increased the lead to 4 - 0, after he saw his shot go between the legs of the advancing goalkeeper following some good play down the right wing after 35 minutes. It was 4 - 0 at the break. Possession in the forty-five minutes was dominated by ~Pollen~, with 51 percent of the ball.

46 minutes into the match, the referee signalled for a Grilled substitution. Vikram Mudaliar came on for Islom Davlatov. Grilled were determined to attack in the middle, even their wing attacks ended up centrally. The visitors replied 55 minutes into the game, reducing the home side's lead to 4 - 1, as Heng Dong Chu dashed up the middle, easily lobbing the ball over the home team's keeper. Moey Xin Seng could've grabbed a goal for Grilled 69 minutes in when he got a pass from the left putting him free of the home side's defence, but he was unable to take advantage of the situation. Bhavya Panigrahi would have preferred to play on, but his coach decided otherwise. 悠太 (Yuta) 中北 (Nakakita) entered the game for Grilled as the match clock showed 80 minutes. As Bhavya Panigrahi left the field, the coach signaled to Gilbert Webb to be the new set pieces taker. As the match nears its end, the referee has deemed it appropriate to add 2 minutes as stoppage time. ~Pollen~'s Reyes Aguilar soared above the crowd, but couldn't knock the corner home 89 minutes into the match. ~Pollen~'s Marius Trakimas swung in a good chance from the left, but the visitors' defence were able to clear the ball. The match ends 4 - 1. Grilled claimed to have seen most of the ball, and the statistics agreed with them - possession being 51 percent.

~Pollen~'s top performer was clearly Albert Bollinger. However, Marius Trakimas made a disastrous appearance. Moey Xin Seng performed admirably for Grilled. Kalki Parvathaneni on the other hand, had a terrible day.

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