26 November 2019
Happy Dase For Chen

It's not often that a 15 year-old youth trainee merits a special mention by the club, but then again, it's not often that they score five goals in a single match either. That was exactly what Chen Leng Hui achieved when Debrecen Date's U-20 side visited, with midfielder Wan Loong Chang's first-time strike in the 22nd minute making it 6-0 against Dase.

Mok Feng De lauded Chen's feat, but hoped that he wouldn't let it get to his head. "It's something some of our best youth forwards didn't manage to achieve, as Leng Hui should be rightly proud of himself. That said, he has some ways to go. His aggressive style paid off big today, but it will get him into trouble against some other teams."

In fact, according to the veteran scout, Chen isn't even one of the academy's top five talents just yet. "Husam Abdul Syukur's one of our best young goalies in awhile, same for Tay Kang Kok on the wing, and he's our youngest now. Together with Ang Yong Teck, we're set on the flanks for the next year. Wan's a good solid midfielder, and then there's Brian Reddy, who can do it all somedays. And the rest ain't half bad too!"

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anonymous: excellent read as always!- Yjorn
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