Sporting Singapore 0 - 4 Grilled Birds
Cup (Round 3), Season 7306 November 2019 04:30 HTT
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Yaye For Dong Hao

Grilled captain Moey Xin Seng thought that the 4-0 win over Sporting Singapore was encouraging. "We had some rotation in attack, and Dob's got his clean sheet. Everyone performed decently today. Sporting are actually a pretty fine side, but we managed to cut the supply to their forwards off."

The Birds thus advanced to the fourth round of the Singapore Cup, where they will face leaguemates and old rivals Joker 9, in the eighth official meeting between the clubs. While the latest went 11-1 in Grilled's favour, capping their invincible season in II.2, Moey cautioned against using that as a yardstick.

"We were absolutely flying then, and the Jokers had a bad day. At their best, they remain a very capable side."

A little afterwards, Farmer Bunnies moved on in the Ruby Challenge Cup too, with a 8-0 spanking of downtown side Yaye. 21 year-old Tan Dong Hao appeared to have adapted well in his new wing role, as he snatched a first-half brace. Sunil Patel and Mushtag Al-Nameeri scored too, making it five in five for the latter, while the Buns' defenders made up the rest.

Tham Leng Teck, who put the finishing touches with two solid headers with about fifteen minutes remaining, admitted to being more concerned with the league. "We're doing okay out here, but I'd frankly much rather we kept on winning on Sundays. No injuries or cards, touch wood."

Grilled International won too, a tight 3-2 against Denmark's FC InterNico BK, as they punched above their weight to knock the Division Four contestants out. Young striking sensation Albert Eskerod raised his profile with two lightning-quick replies on the counter, but International's own goals from Wang Hanxuan, Tibor Atzenhain and Osertz Indurain carried them through.

It was a right battle out there too, as both Atzenhain and Indurain were booked in trying to impose themselves against InterNico's in-your-face marking, but head coach Roar Olaisen didn't hold it against them. "They had to fight, it was that sort of match. We'd probably have lost this one last season, but the team's gotten more patient and I daresay smarter since then."

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