22 November 2019
Billy The Goat

Farmer Bunnies pulled out all the stops towards their silverware bids, as they added former Italian youth international Billy Camperio to their considerable stable of stars. Despite him being a long time away from his fourteen U-20 caps, the 32 year-old Camperio undoubtedly remains a much improved player from those heady days, having spent nearly his whole senior career in Rome with former Division Two club Zemand Land.

It was a rocky ride, with Land going from bona-fide Serie A candidates to the sixth division, but Camperio would have them safely back in Division Three by the time he left at the beginning of this season. A month in Chile with III.5 challengers verdes y resinosos wasn't to either's satisfaction, with Alvar Wickholt never quite figuring out how to fit him in, and they would willingly take an over three million dollar hit on the transaction, by dealing him to the Buns for a discount S$9.8 million.

This was a mistake that Dalibor Kostadinović is eager not to reprise. "Billy's somewhat of a unique player." the Bunnies man-in-charge noted. "You think he's a standard trequartista, he has always said he's one, but maybe it's no longer where he should be. What he definitely has is specific talents that we prize - quick thinking, versatility and a dependable left foot from afar - and we think he can be a valued addition to our midfield."

That they had just recruited Christophe Fouche was not missed, but from all those injuries and how the Buns have been dragging their forwards deep, it is easy to recognize what a practised pivot can offer. "It may seem a lot of players for two or three spots, but trust me, you can never have enough capable options on a team going for honours." Kostadinović added.

New man Billy seemed to understand that during his welcome interview, in which he also solved the mystery of his longtime nickname. "Some said it's short for Greatest Of All Time, but that's a bit overboard." he said, without more than a trace of his usual abrasiveness for once. "You see, mountain goats are hardy, and very nimble on their feet. So there you are."

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