~Pollen~ 4 - 1 Grilled Birds
League, Season 7303 November 2019 04:30 HTT
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Farmer Wonderland

Hovaness Noubaryan expectedly identified Albert Bollinger as Grilled Birds' bane. "It was all down to Bollinger." the head coach analyzed. "There was a ten-minute patch where he could basically do anything he wanted down his flank, and throwing bodies in his path didn't do ninny. You just have to give it to a team, when they've a player in that mood."

Noubaryan did award some consideration to Heng Dong Chu, as the record signing finally opened his goal account with a top-class strike. "He's got to work on his tracking back, we can't afford guys who participate only for half of the match - but that was some hit! We might also have fared better had Bernie Egan stayed on, but those things happen."

The loss sees the Birds drop into fourth place, with Joker 9 taking over at the top with a 3-0 over Batok Earthquakes, which had former Bunnies prodigy Ho Ah Kian opening. Ramseille Volliard FC got their second victory too, but they had to go about it the hard way after Sergio Sonino was dismissed for violent conduct in the 22nd minute. It took late goals from Murathan Esinay and ierre-Yves Robert to secure the 3-2 result at West Coast Point Automat. Singapore Big Dogs made up the top four, as they destroyed a poor Shoryuken FC, 7-1.

Farmer Bunnies fairytale S-League start continued, as they saw off a very similar Haha lineup by two clear goals. If ever there was a natural nil-all draw, this content would have to be it, as the teams stayed back to the extent that the match might have been stopped, had it been boxing. The scrappy, non-descript game would only burst into life with Kwek Yun Jie's tremendous attempt from over thirty yards in the 34th minute, and although Carlos Andino absorbed the scorching grounder, Mushtag Al-Nameeri had nipped past Anwar Khan at exactly the right instant to follow up.

Haha's first real test of Vivian Grubenmann would come through Jarosław Kerber in a rare 68th minute counter, but the Buns made sure after they put Ibrahim Zahran Al-Maashany on for Nurlan Ablaev, with ten minutes to go. Christophe Fouche cleverly reversed a free-kick across the breadth of the pitch, and after several more good passes, Morgan Hu was allowed a clean shot, and buried it resoundingly.

This has Bunnies staying at the top of the S-League with six points and a +7 goal difference with no goals conceded, alongside FC Barca Singapore, who also made the most of their fixture against KingofNoobs United. Pre-season favourites Bot Team FC and Sarcastic Fringeheads maintained their unbeaten status with wins, with the former's 4-3 away taming of a magnificent Arrogancae team testament to their big-game mentality.

"Those three teams are monsters." Dalibor Kostadinović agreed. "But what's it to us? We know that none of them are unbeatable, or maybe more pertinently, undrawable."

Grilled International created a two-point lead atop V.231 by running up a 6-2 away win against AC Uettligen in Switzerland, though they lost Zaini bin Hj Kaling in the 16th minute to a severe cut on the forehead in the 16th minute, following a stooping header. His substitute Hardi bin Besar would shine with two late goals born of consistent workrate though, after Ragib Banović's own brace earlier on. Wang Chu Chi and Wang Hanxuan completed the scoring.

The fans aren't sensing any issues with a N.E.C. & Liverpool team in disarray scheduled next, and are already looking forward to the fourth division, if forum messages are any indication. "It's getting boring." one user gloated. "Why are we still here?"

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