Haha 6 - 1 Grilled Birds
League, Season 7228 July 2019 04:30 HTT
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Out Of It

While Grilled are technically still only a big victory off fifth place, despite their fourth straight defeat in the S-League, just about none of their supporters had any lingering illusions about where they stood. "What can I say? We are simply not good enough to run with the teams of the top tier." longtime fan Abdul Rahim, 51, said. "The guys played way above themselves last season, and are getting found out."

Somewhat hearteningly, the mood was more one of resignation than anger, as most accepted that the promotion was probably premature. "We have a relatively young squad." match attendee Clarence Tan agreed. "The experience will do them good."

Bot Team FC are now slight favourites to regain the S-League title after a patient 1-0 over a very good KingofNoobs United, following the dictum that champions are able to take points from close games. However, both United Legends FC and Sarcastic Fringeheads remain hot on their heels, with tight victories over Arrogancae and Mia San Toa Payoh respectively.

Over in II.3, Farmer Bunnies got back in the game, courtesy of a businesslike 2-0 away result at The EV. 33 year-old Morgan Hu build on his recall to the national lineup with a toepoke off Kwek Yun Jie's 36th minute near-post cross, and Jon Benson managed to score for a third start in a row, as he filled in intelligently behind Ibrahim Zahran Al-Maashany as the latter spearheaded a late counterattack.

This leaves the Buns two points off surprise frontrunners Ambush F.C., who made short work of last-placed Red Freaking Chillies in a 4-0 wipe. Next opponents JUtd meanwhile slaughtered littlehorse 7-2 at home to stay level with Farmer Bunnies, while Heaven Skys edged Club Dinosauria thanks to John Lee's 17th minute winner, to escape the relegation zone.

In an additional boost, Tham Leng Teck would appear for the last ten minutes, the first time he had been seen in a Buns jersey since the cup fixture against Sigma United FC at the start of July. "Tham's good as new." sweeper Aswad Mohd Jafni judged. "Watch out, world!"

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