Mia San Toa Payoh 6 - 1 Grilled Birds
League, Season 7023 December 2018 04:30 HTT
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Dual Three Nils

Hovaness Noubaryan could not come up with an excuse. "Mia San were clearly the better side out there, and deserved the win. There, I said it. I'd be very, very surprised if they don't take the title, there simply isn't anyone in II.2 able to stop them."

After confirming that Bilal Mohammad Harun would be a doubt against Ropelearner FC midweek, Noubaryan took pains to clarify that there was nothing going on with team captain Moey Xin Seng, who had again been dropped. "Moey understands the importance of squad rotation, and of picking the right players for each game."

Looking at the bigger picture, Mia San's stunning victory sees them carve out a six point lead at the top, ahead of the trio of Grilled, United and KTH FC, all on nine points. United lost 1-2 to a determined Robbie Football CLub, while KTH smashed Real Balmoral 5-0. Still no luck for BCFC, who succumbed tamely to Joker 9B, 0-2 at home.

Farmer Bunnies kept five points behind II.3 leaders Ropelearner FC with another win over City club Between a Walk and a Hard Pace, as acting skipper Tham Leng Teck banged two home inside sixteen minutes. Saudi forward Ibrahim Zahran Al-Maashany would then suffer a fractured collarbone after an aerial battle with Mirco Betzlewski, soon after Angel Iliev was nearly gifted a goal. Enzo Paolo Panzarino came in, and Brendan Leung eventually came up with the third from a drawn-out set-piece.

The Buns are scheduled to face Ropelearner FC after the Birds have a first go at them, and Tham was under no illusions about the significance of that fixture. "It's the most important match of our season." he said. "Don't win, and we are probably done."

JUtd rose to third place with an easy 4-1 over Parkway Paladins, while Ambush F.C. failed to check Ropelearner, with Chow Chu Tian injured to boot. Last but not least, Terillions FC gave themselves some breathing room, as Cheah Qiang Kang's 25th minute strike gave them all three points against a troubled Controlar.

Grilled International too prevailed 3-0, with Sazwan bin Hj Muhd Salleh and Osertz Indurain setting the story in the first half versus Switzerland's AC Uettligen, in the first game at the expanded Burung Memorial Stadium. The official attendance would be just over thirty-eight thousand, of a 50700 capacity.

Didi Reidenbach kept up his reign of terror from free-kicks, with a classy curler in the 54th, and cannoned another through the defensive wall in the 70th; Giorgio Heiz had to be on his toes to parry that. This sees Reidenbach already in the Top Ten of the league scoring charts, just behind Fausto Perono and Black Trapper's Anselmo Pucci on four goals. It's hard to see past Joske Simaeys, though, given he has racked up nine for Schorschl.

Schorschl and Black Trapper remain neck and neck at the top with comfortable home wins, and head coach Roar Olaisen advised his squad to keep their eyes on Manchesthair United FC instead. "It's easy to get distracted. Yes, we did fine today, but if we don't raise our attacking game, we won't get anywhere at the Theatre of Sweet Dreams."

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