Grilled Birds 5 - 0 FC Black Sheeps Chemnitz
Tournament (Group Phase), Season 7010 December 2018 20:00 HTT
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Grilled Birds
FC Black Sheeps Chemnitz
Chan Ze Han (8)
Florus Romijn (23)
Kalki Parvathaneni (52)
Islom Davlatov (64)
Chan Ze Han (66)

Sheep Gassed
Twice The Chan

The Birds accepted an invitation to the second edition of the Mönninghof Cup, and their first opponents in the group stage would be German seventh division side FC Black Sheeps Chemnitz. Chemnitz are not exactly strangers to the Grilled set, having been defeated 0-2 by the Buns in the previous cycle, thanks to Ibrahim Zahran Al-Maashany's efforts.
With Farmer Bunnies declining to participate, it was left to Grilled Birds to carry the flag, and they fielded arguably their strongest available lineup, with the concession of Bernie Egan trying out in defence for the injured Yuta Nakakita. Chemnitz formed up in a defensive 4-5-1, with captain Malte Tremer being their main link between a flat back four, and Slovak striker Andrej Zborovančik. That didn't work out too well for them.

Kalki Parvathaneni was still visibly buzzing from his hat-trick feat against Joker 9B, and the stolid Tomás Mukenio was almost uniquely unsuited to handling the speed merchant. The Argentine was totally beaten for pace in the eighth minute after Kalki called for, and got, his pass, and although the experienced Josimar Durão knew to cover, that left far too much room for Chan Ze Han to collect and pick his spot. Chan was quick to acknowledge Kalki's contributions too, surely a heartening sight for the Grilled fans.

Kalki's selfish side showed about three minutes later, as he found the side netting instead of centering for the far better-placed Bilal Mohammad Harun. This led into Chemnitz's best go of the day, as they broke through on the Birds' unattended right side with Kai Wandsbek leading the way. Zborovančik rose above Egan for the header, but couldn't put much power behind it, leaving a simple catch for Massoud Dob.

Chemnitz seldom ventured much after that as Grilled kept a very high line, and they would find a second goal in the 23rd minute. Kalki was again heavily involved as he tied two defenders up, leaving an open channel for Florus Romijn to drift into. The Belgian kept his feet well as Domingo Garcés caught up from behind, and beat Richard Tonder at his near post helped by a slight deflection.

Durão would be booked for taking Vikram Mudaliar down in the 38th minute after running out of options, an entirely understandable decision by the veteran. The Birds continued to keep play tight and intense, and upped the tempo if anything following the break. Romijn and Kalki would prove to be an unguardable pairing in full flight, and they combined for a slick Kalki finish, seven minutes into the second half.

Tremer saw what was happening and ordered his wingers to tuck in, but this was a game that Chemnitz wasn't going to win. It did however delay Grilled some, but Islom Davlatov would navigate his way past a mass of bodies to bundle home the fourth goal, in the 64th minute. This was immediately followed by Chan's teasing of a flatfooted Mukenio with his immaculate close control, before closing the circle with a little toepoke.

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