03 December 2018
Chai Joins Xie

The Buns' Chai Beng Yau accompanied Grilled Birds' Xie Wei Tian at Good Luck FC, after agreeing personal terms on a S$146000 deal this morning. His new boss Tetsuya Obayashi wrapped it up with the highly-individualistic Chai, who certainly lit the Rancher Rabbits up during his time there.

Most scouts saw Chai as a boom-or-bust bet, given his resistance to being instructed coupled with his breathtakingly unorthodox style. "It's almost as if he's a throwback to the Brazil teams of the Sixties, when they seemed to be playing for fun first and foremost." pundit Akalmeet Singh assessed. "If I were Tetsuya, I'd stick him on the wings and let him be himself."

That considered, Chai definitely didn't want for suitors, with former national champions Kim Tae Hee FC and Taiwanese Division Two luminaries Lianghao di Xing putting in bids. F.C Peku Supeku (Spanish Division Seven) and Traktor Mops (German Division Five) were also eager to give Chai a run-out, and U20team (Oceanian Division Four) probably offered the most attractive package of the lot.

Chai would seek stability in his private life above all, though, possibly as a counterweight to his breaking of conventions on the pitch. "There's plenty of time for the big names if I shine here... and really, I'd just like to be close to my girl."

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