Grilled Birds 5 - 1 Batok Earthquakes
Qualification, Season 6911 November 2018 04:30 HTT
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Simply Gotten

Hovaness Noubaryan brushed aside a reporter's claim that Grilled had been fortunate to survive the first half just one down. "Nonsense," the head coach snapped. "Even when we weren't at our best, we were dictating the pace. I wasn't worried at all - it was just a matter of time."

The team felt free to go wild given that both Cyril Künzler and Florus Romijn were diagnosed to have taken just minor knocks, and Noubaryan would duly have a barrel of iced water dumped over him. He took it better than a man in full suit and tie would have been expected to, but couldn't resist a quip. "Save it for the league title next time."

Moey Xin Seng too saw the win as a sign of better things to come, and he made special mention of double scorer José Luiz Velho. "He's been outstanding in training recently, and it's wonderful to have guys like him who can step it up when needed."

Nearby in Clementi, Sim Leng Cheng found a hat-trick against Swedish third division visitors Dalbottens BK. Granted, they weren't trying too hard, but it remained a collection of sharp finishes from the local striker. The feat however did nothing to dispel rumours of Sim's departure, given his indifferent tenure thus far.

Buns skipper Vishnu Tallapaka for one wasn't buying it. "We're frankly not an easy system to play in for out-and-out forwards, and Sim has been doing his best. You won't find many better than him at what he does."

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