13 November 2018
Live And Sticky

It was one loss apiece for the Birds and the Buns, and two for International, on the first day of the Supporter Week Trophy. Grilled Birds kicked off against English IV.50 repeat champs ads warriors, and Islom Davlatov couldn't have struck a brighter note, as he lobbed Sammon Braiji with his first touch. He would then add a second on his own rebound in the 21st minute; Lout Sefrioui countered, but Vikram Mudaliar made sure that it would end 3-1.

Portuguese fifth division bukkake fc then punched well above their apparent weight, with German midfielder René Weckes whacking two off in their 4-1 victory. A rollicking 6-4 against H.I. Indian team India Guerilla then folowed, which had nine individuals on the scoresheet. Floridian Division Four side Cerdo Pequeno then fell by the same scoreline, though Kalki Parvathaneni, Chu Xin Lee and Pequeno's Nate Reilly all came short of hat-tricks.

Farmer Bunnies wound up with three clean sheets, but were shut out in their only loss, which also came in their second fixture. That said, the loss came against Benin double winners FC, Liverpool 2, who had Polish left winger Józef Zakowicz outdo Lau Chang Wan twice, both times to deadly effect. Montenegro former international Aleksa Gadžić rounded off the scoring from a late corner, and the Buns really had to accept this result.

"It was humbling, how they controlled the game." Buns defender Morgan Hu recounted. "Even as an opponent, I've got to give it to them."

The other matches were pretty comfortable for the whites and pinks, as they managed identical 3-0 scorelines against V.V. Boertjes (Dutch Division Six) and C.D. Jorge Wilstermann (H.I. Division Five, Barbados). German Division Six club Chiemgau Lionhearts were dicier, particularly in the second half, but Sofian Azfar's twelfth minute strike proved enough.

Grilled International lost their first two matches, the first a close-fought affair against Belgian Division Six club S.K. Groen-Wit, that was decided by the only shot on target that they mustered, it coming off Diego Garcifuentes's boot. A massive thrashing by Danish fifth division side Forza Juventus FC. then followed, with Zaini bin Hj Kaling's dismissal for a professional foul in the 68th minute ironically bringing some mercy. It finished 0-7 nevertheless.

Better things were to come, and International then tasted triumph against Romanian fifth divisioners Fc Dinamo Bucuresti Gold Edition. Micky bin Kadir was in the mood, and claimed a brace with his physical style, against Irish teenager's Jason Deacy lone reply in a 4-1. Abdul Hamid bin Hj Ali Timbang then closed the day with goals in the 39th and 66th minutes, as International gave Estonian fourth division club AC Konnat very little time on the ball indeed.

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