08 November 2018
Perfect Ending

The Grilled clubs ended strongly on the last day of their respective tourneys, winding up with six wins out of six. Grilled Birds led with a 4-1 win over German fifth division club SV Krähenfuß Jux, with Yuta Nakakita opening and closing the scoring, punctuated by Rasmus Huhn's instinctual finish in the 73rd minute. It was then Bilal Mohammad Harun's turn to grab a brace against Brazilian Division Five side Itabuna Esporte Clube, who had 19 year-old Iranian forward Forouhar Atharian find their consolation in a 1-5 defeat.

Problematically for the Birds, Moey Xin Seng continued looking sluggish after he came on for Kalki Parvathaneni for the final ten minutes, going as far as to clog up the attack. Hovaness Noubaryan was seen contemplating his options glumly, as the qualifier looms.

That made a credible 4-2-2 final record for the Birds in the Trophy of Legends, which was topped by the Buns' 6-0-2 record in the Heroes of 2014 trophy. This left them a single point off the playoffs, which had the team bemoaning their narrow losses against Muflony Tarnów and FC. TRIANGLE, the former whom have qualified as 18th seed.

The Buns had done all they could, starting with a regimented 2-0 victory over Israeli Division Four club Bugs, in which national wingmen Tham Leng Teck and Kwek Yun Jie came up with the goods. A 5-0 thrashing of Dutch Division Four Banthum Rovers followed, with Jon Benson a one-man force to reckon with in central midfield. It was, sadly, not quite enough.

Being in the illustrious company the likes of littlehorse as near-misses didn't salve the hurt much, according to Tham. "I thought we were in, but like the league title, we came just short."

Grilled International didn't have much margin to spare, as they ran up leads before scrambling to protect them. They first went 3-0 up against Swedish Division Five hosts Steineck United, before nearly suffering a seizure by allowing two goals in the last six minutes. It was a similar story against Cape Town-based FC United Castel, as they were two up by the 18th minute against the third division side, before Tom Schultz threatened a draw with his 80th minute lob.

Micky bin Kadir, who contributed three goals in those matches, felt that the 3-3-2 record they achieved in the Heroes of 2017 Trophy was a reasonable return. "We won today, didn't we? That's what's important."

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