F.C. Raversiede 1 - 0 Grilled Birds
International Friendly (Cup Rules), Season 6227 July 2016 13:00 HTT
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Definitely No Buang

Assistant coach Luis Alcántara assuaged concerns over Valentin Batâr's health, stating that the injury looked far worse than it actually was. "The swelling went down tremendously after being iced, and the medic has confirmed that there was no lasting damage done."

Then again, Alcántara was not too impressed with the team's composure, and criticized the senior participants in particular for not bringing the game under control. "Ivanov and Videnov were the standouts by far, and the former's just eighteen years old! There was next to no proactiveness on our part in contrast, rain or no rain."

Back in Singapore, Farmer Bunnies would roll on into the semifinals of the Singapore Consolation Cup, as they took troubled Buangkok FC apart, seven-nil. Tham Leng Teck struck twice in as many minutes to effectively put them away, with Enzo Paolo Panzarino too scoring two with consummate ease.

The exits of Mia San Toa Payoh and nightmare 36543 moreover left the Bunnies as the top remaining seed, but from how former Division Two competitors Heaven Skys shut Mia San down, this was not necessarily a favourable omen for Farmer Bunnies.

Sikong Darong for one was certain that they would have a far, far tougher time against Skys' defence. "Extra time is looking very likely, and I'm not dismissing penalties either. They have been flying under the radar, and are only just revealing how effective they can be."

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