16 July 2016
Dali Kost Four

Farmer Bunnies head coach Sikong Darong announced that the club had brought in an understudy for his position, 38 year-old Serbian Dalibor Kostadinović. Mostly deployed as a winger and dead ball specialist during his playing days, and the owner of a Golden Boot from the Swedish fourth division with Charlies Änglar, Kostadinović had been studying for his coaching badges with the guidance of Team Vertigo's Brian Høyer for some time.

"In addition, Kostadinović is well-versed in some of the most advanced player development theories from Europe." Sikong added. "I expect that we will have a very productive exchange of ideas."

The rumour mill has it that Sikong's job is already under threat, however, with wags not-unreasonably pointing out that S$4 million was a huge investment for a maybe-coach. Dalibor seems to have hit it off tremendously with the squad on his first meeting, though, with some players mentioning that it was as if he had been there all along.

The affable Serb moreover gave no indication of having the current head coach in his sights. "Bunnies are an interesting club with big potential, which is why I turned Poland's T.A.B.A.T.A down over them." he explained, leaning disarmingly into the microphone.

"There's top talent - huge talent - here, that it'll be a great pleasure to work with. I can see this team winning things in the near future. And, of course, there are some tweaks that might help, we'll see how it goes..."

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