08 July 2016
Serious With Sarkis

Sikong Darong underlined his determination for the Bunnies to establish themselves in Division Three today, with his S$2 million acquisition of 25 year-old Armenian playmaker Sarkis Krikoryan. Known both for his speed off the mark, as well as for packing a wicked punch off his right boot, Krikoryan can also fill in at forward in a pinch.

"Sarkis will be a major part of our push for national-level recognition." a beaming Sikong said. "He addresses multiple issues with our team, and is a definite upgrade in midfield. Together with Llamil Vener, he should power the side for years to come."

Serbian fifth division club burence had also reported interest from Chile's niinoo, who had hoped to recruit Krikoryan to turn their fortunes around, but he found the Bunnies' offer more attractive; Sikong had also been said to have been considering American option Tylor Thomson, who however eventually joined up with El Chino en la hora y de atrás of Uruguay for S$2.7 million.

Krikoryan, who attributes his technical gifts to his development at Spanish club Atlètic Rodenc C.F. - where he spent most of three seasons after coming up through the youth system at legendary five-time Armenian national champions Rebellium - exuded eagerness in his brief interview.

"Bunnies have very good defence, from what I see. With good passing, top passing, we will win!"

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