Grilled Birds 7 - 2 Arcturules
League, Season 6224 July 2016 04:30 HTT
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Again, Again!

That was the chant from the gallery as Grilled's massacre today neared its end, and it was one that the players could find no excuse to turn down. "It has to be hard on Arcturules, they're better than this." Yuta Nakakita, who had spent two seasons with them, sympathized.

"Football is cruel, however, and if you don't turn up, it can get very ugly very quickly - as we have found ourselves many times. I don't think they will let us in as easily next weekend, but I for one won't be holding back either!"

The big win sees the pressure relieved off Djan Bacelar, as Grilled move within touching distance of fourth place. For Arcturules, their problems have just begun, as they slipped beneath Controlar on goal difference into the basement, despite the Woodlands newcomers losing 0-4 away to Claseek.

FC Barca Singapore made a clear statement of intent, as they ripped closest challengers The EV apart, by six goals to nil - which must be a superb confidence boost going into their Singapore Cup semifinals against defending holders Villains F.C.; last but not least, Batok Earthquakes continued their recovery, with a calm 2-0 result over Club Dinosauria.

In III.11, Vishnu Tallapaka earned the Bunnies a two-all draw against Test Runz Spurs, by drilling a trick free-kick home in each half, to cancel out Spurs' early lead. Sarkis Krikoryan got his first substantial minutes, even taking over from Llamil Vener as captain after the hour mark, but he spurned a golden opportunity to make a huge impression as he struck what could have been the winner, straight into Aldin Ibrahimbegović's gloves.

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