5 Zhao Jing Wei
(also Arrogancae)
"Straight Arrow"
PositionCMFAppearances141 (10)
Date of Birth26th AugustCompetitive Goals45 (24/20/1)
Height176 cmCompetitive Hattricks1
Weight76 kgFriendly Goals5
Blood GroupA-Injuries5
Cards1 Red, 14 Yellow
FromArrogancae, SG$5 850 000 (Season 52)
[Youth Academy: 34 appearances, 9 goals]
ToReleased (Season 65)

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Zhao was one of those who seemed destined for greatness the moment he stepped on a football pitch. Preternaturally graceful and collected even in his teens, he was a hit wherever he went, whether it was the Chicken Wings, Woxingwosu FC, or Arrogancae, where he won it all by the tender age of 24.

A few might take his not having played abroad as a mark against him, but that would frankly be splitting hairs, seeing as how complete a midfielder Zhao is. His move back to Grilled was a dream come true for himself and fans alike, and the returning king might just provide the last bit that the Birds need to make the big time.

    Pegged Without Mercy
    Two And Two Again
    United They Stand
    Phondle Power Through
    Six Per Se
    Important Holdups
    Vollgas Take Tan
    Attacking Facelift
    Out Of Lives Again
    Chansa Dooms Kaloons
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