Grilled Birds 8 - 1 C ++
International Friendly (Cup Rules), Season 5028 November 2012 04:30 HTT
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Grilled Birds
C ++
Pompeo Bellamoli (9)
Liang Liyong (12)
Ling Fuquan (17)
Hilal Bakhtiar (21)
Pompeo Bellamoli (31)
Lin Jungui (75)
Hilal Bakhtiar (77)
Lin Jungui (84)
Atenágoras Robledo (33)

Defenders Shine

Guatemalan Division Two side C ++ sent an U-20 side that did all they could, but were ultimately no match for Grilled's more seasoned representatives. Lone front man Victor Ortiz excelled though as he troubled the likes of Lin Jungui mightily, and indirectly created the visitors' consolation goal.
Otherwise, it was Grilled's backs who stole the show, and after Pompeo Bellamoli got things started with an outrageous dummy to find his way past Luis Vivas, it was Liang Liyong and Ling Fuquan who extended the lead, Liang with his first goal for the Birds from his right foot, and Ling with a downwards header from Bellamoli's lifted ball.

Grilled were winning everything in the air as C ++'s teenagers lacked both the build and technique to challenge, and goalkeeper Cruz Molaya had his work cut out for him. Leong Wan Kang flicked a free-kick on to Hilal Bakhtiar right in front of goal in the 21st minute, and Bellamoli got his second ten minutes later, with Liang crossing accurately to the opposite end of the box.

C ++ were not short on heart, though, and they gave themselves something to celebrate shortly after surviving a misplaced effort from Leong. The clearance was controlled well enough by Bakhtiar, but the instant harrying from Ortiz prompted a hurried backpass from him, which was pounced on by Atenágoras Robledo and mowed past Dan Seng.

Grilled were deflated slightly by that, and found it hard to hit the heights they had reached earlier on. The visitors in contrast put even more of themselves into the match, and but for a lack of familiarity with their 4-5-1 system, would likely have put a couple more into the Grilled net.

The difference in experience would eventually tell, and referee Ceferino Infante blew for a penalty after 75 minutes, upon Bellamoli going over Pablo Párraga's outstretched leg. It was clear that Bellamoli was playing for it, but contact had indeed been made, and Lin Jungui stepped up to blast it past Molaya from the spot.

Bakhtiar got his second from another header off his plum position at the far post, and after Ling fired wide, Jungui converted a second penalty won by Leong. Bakhtiar and Walter Ross were replaced by Colby Awyong and Yvan Lefébure with two minutes remaining, before Ortiz came close with a fantastic gamble from afar.

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