13 Liang Liyong (梁力勇)
PositionCD/LWBAppearances17 (3)
Date of Birth30th JanuaryCompetitive Goals5 (0/5/0)
Height174 cmCompetitive Hattricks0
Weight72 kgFriendly Goals1
Blood GroupA-Injuries1
Cards0 Red, 0 Yellow
FromThe Return of Coxos FC, SG$3 816 000 (Season 50)
ToTele Fone FC, SG$4 590 000 (Season 52)

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Liang's rise from unfeted secondary school reserve to international U-20 representative took only a few short years, as he served with distinction with Reverse Football Team's youth setup before immediately winning a move abroad upon turning pro.

Liang is known as an extremely nice man in real life, and possesses a deceptive calm most of the time even in the heat of an important game, but as more than one striker in Portugal can attest to, he can be a monster when provoked.

His three seasons at Grilled were mostly spent fruitlessly waiting for starts, however, with Qassem Madaini remaining indispensible, and Ling Fuquan usually preferred both for his playmaking ability, as well as his prior history. With Rashid bin Ahmad also in the mix, Liang thought it best to further his career elsewhere, and amicably departed for Tele Fone FC.

    Minor Annihilation
    Stephan Swarmed
    Soh Long So Forth
    FCBS Slung
    Arcturules Reign
    Kumodraž Takedown
    Londrina Conquest
    Hairi For Z0r0z
    Jeftić Joins Up
    Following In Footsteps
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