Grilled Birds 4 - 2 Bagode
Tournament (Group Phase), Season 7017 December 2018 20:00 HTT
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Qualified To Spare

With the 4-2 final result putting Grilled atop Group A with six, and a likely walkover against FCFC Gladbach yet to come, Noubaryan felt at liberty to discuss the other groups with the reporters.

"Vornicu had an impossible task, really, and Chan Ze Han's living up to everything we expected. I'm not sure who we will be drawn against, but with the guys loving their football so much, does it matter?"

Noubaryan professed to be wary about H.I. representatives Celtic Brno FC, after they managed to hold defending champs FC Platax to a goalless draw. "I was following it on livestream, and I've got to say, Celtic were unlucky not to take it. And FC Platax nearly won it at the end - that Adolfo Neira Gomez effort off the post. That's the sign of a great team, making do when the chips are down."

"Olympia reUnited and 1.FC Eierlikör deserve their second wins too, but I can't look past Platax and Celtic at the moment. And ourselves, naturally."

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