Grilled Birds 7 - 3 Be Champions FC
League, Season 7016 December 2018 04:30 HTT
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Caught By Ambush

Captain Moey Xin Seng recognized the three points as very good to have, but also could not help but laud Be Champions FC - and Falke Hvid in particular - as worthy opponents. "My footballing side thinks that it's a shame we couldn't meet on a fair field, but from a more practical perspective, I'd take the easy points any day."

It was a desirable outcome with which to enter a top-of-the-table fixture against Mia San Toa Payoh certainly, even as they made it four out of our almost too comfortably, against Kim Tae Hee FC. National forward Kong Chun Kwang didn't miss a beat as he got a brace in a 3-0 win, which leaves Joker 9B's Ong Wee Teck as the only player to have scored against them in the league thus far.

"I like challenges." current Golden Boot leader Kalki Parvathaneni replied in response to that statistic.

-= Manchester United =- kept up with Grilled on nine points, as Manuel Nastasi trebled in a 6-0 whitewash of the Jokers. Real Balmoral then made up the top half of the table, with a 3-0 over Robbie Football Club.

Farmer Bunnies' sixteen game unbeaten run finally came to an end against Ambush F.C., who sprung a major upset at Carrot Field. Having let in just three goals in their first seven matches of the season, the Buns were taken apart for three more, with Israeli winger Yigael Megged the architect of all these goals, all unorthodox.

This made for a miserable debut for Nurlan Ablaev, who remained less than fully mobile playing right forward. Sikong Darong could only be philosophical about it. "Well, we had to lose someday, and the way it happened, I guess we can claim it was a bit of a fluke."

Morgan Hu refused to attribute the loss to the Buns' national commitments. "That's part of our professional duty."

With that, Ropelearner FC stretched their lead at the top to five points, by edging Controlar 2-1 on a late comeback. JUtd and Between a Walk and a Hard Pace made up ground too, by beating Terillions FC and Parkway Paladins respectively.

Roar Olaisen continued his rescue act as Grilled International beat fc Snoetie by four goals, and his new signing Didi Reidenbach proved his worth too, curling home two excellent free-kicks. Fausto Perono got the other two, as he started to again look like the uncompromising competitor of old.

With Schorschl and Black Trapper's draw seeing them both stay only four points ahead, Olaisen wouldn't count International out of the race just yet. "I'm getting good vibes here. If we keep winning games, we should be there or thereabouts very soon."

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