28 October 2023
Toh And A Bit More

Toh Eng Guang won his second national youth cap yesterday, as he toiled at leftback in a credible 1-1 away draw against Croatia, with Ben Breulj cancelling Ryan Shin's 30th minute counter. Toh would not have much to comment about the honour, other than to mention a synergy with his nearest defender and team captain, Mairania FC's Cole Yun.

There would be fine news too from the national setup on Brian Reddy and Aw Keng Chuan, both of whom were identified as potential additions to the squad. Tian Yonghang was proud of them both, but also took the opportunity to warn Reddy about his disciplinary issues. "At his tier, there shouldn't be anything missing, and I fear his temper may keep him from truly attaining the greatness that he is well capable of."

It would be a sad day for a host of youngsters, however, with their final temporary extensions running out. This list included Dave Jamieson, Tung Kok Puay and Amirul Jufri Azam Hariry for the Birds; Tan Huat Pin, Lee Keong Jun, Kok Hock Shun, Li Wan Tse and Li Wei Leng for the Buns; and Hj Ramadan bin Hj Mohd Hendra, Liu Chu Beng, Wahit bin Hairi and Lan Haichao from International.

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