03 October 2023
Bobby Takes Heart

The Birds would make their first outgoing transfer in a while, with 18 year-old trainee forward Bobby Kao moving to German VI.789 club Neukölln Hearts 04 on a free transfer today. It had been over two months since Kao attained eligibility, and he admitted to fearing that his best chances for a professional career were over.

"And then the call came." Kao grinned, displaying some magnificent whiskers - an affectation that had gotten him plenty of attention at the academy. "There was no question, of course I would accept!"

Chicken Wings chief scout Tham Beng Li always thought Kao had a good chance at going pro, which was why he had recruited him from his secondary school team in the first place. "He is quite hard to read, even by our experienced senior defenders." Tham praised. "And we saw but a glimpse of his finishing potential, when he got his hat-trick against Romania's AS Stres Fm last season."

Kao will have plenty of competition when he arrives at Hearts, who have also bought three other teenaged hopefuls in Vitorio Siqueira Silva, Ewald Menke and Burhan Salmawy over the past few days. Kao was never one to shy away from challenges, though, and proclaimed himself up to the task. "We can all make it together!"

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