22 October 2023
The Accidental Finalists

When the dust had settled, it was realized that Farmer Bunnies had defeated Merlion Cup organizers Perspolis I.F.C in the semifinals, and they will contest for the trophy against Italian Division Three bigwigs Musci Team, who had outdone local II.4 side frunzelite 3-1 in the other semis.

No-one would be quite as taken aback as the Bunnies players themselves, who had gone into the match against a qualitatively superior Perspolis team with zero expectations. It was all going according to script as Nabil Ahamada - who had won the Comoros Super with his hometown club Real Sócc'mel - crashed a half-volley home after twelve minutes, but Ho Ah Kian found an equalizer from next to nothing, when Lau Keng Kwang cleared wildly from Michelangelo Moscati's repelled effort up the left.

That doused what had up to then been a white-hot Perspolis offence, and the half-time subs of Lee Yau Tong and Guan Ming Kum refreshed the Buns' defence, allowing them to cope more comfortably against the dynamic duo of Ahamada and Florindo Cammareri. Still, they had to rely on Gilberto Sorondo's safe hands more than once, as the former El Salvadorean U-20 goalkeeper batted good efforts by Kuba Łotysz and Philippe Durand aside.

Stamina turned out to be Perspolis' Achilles heel, as they were unable to threaten convincingly in extra time, and Edgar Popienia's counter in the 111st minute would be the only shot on target, well-saved by Ghana custodian Abdulai Boampong. In a head-to-head between Sorondo and Boampong in the ensuing penalty shootout, the former would come out on top, as he stopped Perspolis' first two takes, from Matthias Léna and then Łotysz. Boampong blocked Guan Ming Kum's pedestrian grounder, but Lau Keng Kwang won it, 5-3.

The disbelieving Buns would almost forget to perform the customary charge from the halfway line, but they would give Sorondo a few tosses up into the air, once they collected themselves. "Yeah, bring 'em on." the jubilant goalkeeper roared. "Who? Frankly, I don't care!"

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