Grilled Birds 2 - 1 FC Air Hydrous
Cup (Round 2), Season 8625 October 2023 04:30 HTT
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Dragons Chomp Buns

Advancing to the third round besides, more than a few of the near fifty thousand attendees were having second thoughts about Brian Reddy's suitability as a Birds team leader. "He's skilled and charismatic, no doubt, but I can't summon any confidence that he will stay on the pitch until the end, whenever he starts." Grilled fan Loh Zi Han mused. "Teamwork is one thing, I'm not sure we can fix personalities."

As it is, Reddy should have a chance to showcase himself against S-League giants Haha next Wednesday, with the clubs not having met for six seasons. It would be the end of the Singapore Cup for the Buns already, as they fell 0-2 to II.1 competitors, Singapore Red Dragons. Elias Almeida Magalhães and Parmeet Naik put unstoppable shots past Gilberto Sorondo, as the Buns failed to capitalize on an injury to Bulgarian custodian Georgi Kirov near half-time.

Grilled International wiped Italian H.I. V.213 semi-professionals MattiBea F.C. by four goals with Helmy Syamsuzaman keeping up his scoring habit, although he would also be sent off in injury time, for a silly second yellow card upon dissent. As with the case of Reddy, International gaffer Didi Reidenbach is reportedly considering whether to dock his wages for this nonsense.

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