15 Jon Andrea Rottman
PositionCMFAppearances118 (7)
Date of Birth18th SeptemberCompetitive Goals28 (17/10/0)
Height173 cmCompetitive Hattricks1
Weight73 kgFriendly Goals7
Blood GroupO+Injuries4
Cards0 Red, 11 Yellow
FromShooters, SG$2 880 000 (Season 21)
ToSwiss Allstars, SG$5 000 000 (Season 29)

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Swiss central midfielder who is a rare talent in both attack and defence. Bright future ahead if he can raise his playmaking and stamina to a higher degree in the coming seasons.

Grilled showed just how much they needed the unassuming playmaker, widely seen as Grilled's most complete midfielder, as they narrowly lost 1-2 to Zastava in the Hattrick Masters when he sat out through injury.

Rottman was finally forced out not for soccer or personality reasons, but due to the club's faltering finances. A genuine pity, because he was acclaimed as Grilled's most all-rounded player, and moreover was about to reach his peak when Grilled were pressed to sell.

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