15 Han Lik-Tsun
PositionCDAppearances153 (2)
Date of Birth13th AugustCompetitive Goals14 (11/3/0)
Height172 cmCompetitive Hattricks0
Weight69 kgFriendly Goals2
Blood GroupO+Injuries4
Cards0 Red, 0 Yellow
FromNaprzód Mikołów, SG$1 862 000 (Season 33)
ToReleased (Season 47)

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Han represents a milestone as Grilled's first local ex-full international, and the second ex-full international after Egypt's Ahmed Abed-Sulaiman. He will likely partner Nawaz Talib in front of Sulaiman to form a very strong central defensive nucleus for some time.

The former FC Noble Scarlet man would eventually take over as captain, and then as head coach much later, after a long-term injury threatened to ruin his playing career. He guided Grilled back into the second division in his first full season, and even resumed his role as a defender on occasion, after making a full recovery.

Player power eventually pushed the then-slowing Han into the head coach position, replacing the unpopular Marcus Liehner, and after a rough start to his managerial career, Han steered Grilled to consecutive second-place finishes in Division Two.

The squad did not have enough depth to go further, sadly, and his attempt at a complete renewal was followed by relegation near misses. With his once-fanatic supporters now calling for his head, and his health beginning to suffer for it, Han decided to walk away after his fifth full season in charge, having tutored Niculae Stanca in the art of management.

    Bolted And Locked Out
    Mauled By Tigers
    Fawzi Hops In
    Fringe Shaved
    Dragons Dismissed
    INTER Ousted
    Close By Jaguars
    Juan Interesting Place
    Two Seconds, No Regrets
    Excalibur Stroke
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