12 January 2017
Some Fresh Hope

The Birds would conclude the third and last day of the Supporter Week Trophy tournament on a winning note, with a 2-1 record. First up were Andorran third division club FC Pirineus, whom were undone by Grilled's stingy possession game. Though Jean Chapelain cancelled Gene Filippone's free-kick on the counter, they fell to a late rampage, and lost, 1-4.

France's les mapoux then schooled the Birds despite much of the match having a similar tenor to Grilled's win against Pirineus, with the difference of Mika Havimäki being a titan in defence... and some luck. A physical approach further threw the Birds off, and young Swedish trainee Abundio Fanta capped their three-nil win with a superb bicycle kick.

Finally, there would be a farewell two-nil victory over another French side in FC Saint-Claude, Mohammad Ramli Saliman and Moey Xin Seng scoring in a one-sided affair, though Grilled's 4-6 overall record of course meant that they were miles away from taking part in the final reckoning.

"There's been some little improvement." skipper Tian Yonghang noted, having acted as tactical advisor for the day. "At least, we're still not too bad in open games, though the forward situation is one that I remain concerned about."

Bunnies began their day by beating Hamburg-based 1.fc ams 2-1, Kwek Yun Jie getting off to a third-minute flyer, and Enzo Paolo Panzarino bagging the winner in the 41st. A two-all draw against Hunters IF of the Swedish IV.40 was next, with German veteran Steffen Frieß snagging both their goals, before Arne Frøyland got the only goal in the closing match with France's Dung Foot.

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