GTS Błękitni Mąkolno 0 - 5 Grilled Birds
Tournament (Group Phase), Season 6330 November 2016 20:08 HTT
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Assessments Ongoing

Grilled head coach Djan Bacelar noted the win, but reminded the players that they were under the microscope now. "Everybody's place is up for grabs from now on." he warned. "Even if the club is to be relegated, we will try to take something out of it."

There was also more bad news for vice-captain Yuki Irie, who seems to have been struck by the flu bug, on top of having the accrued damage to his feet come apparent. "It's a great pity, but we don't think he will be in any condition to play for a while." Bacelar said. "Yuki's leadership in defence has been much missed, but we have got to learn to do without."

Also, despite the 5-0 scoreline, Grilled wound up beind German representatives die Roten 5 in the Group B table, thanks to them mauling Kongeriget Danmark seven-nil. A win against die Roten 5 in the next round should assure Grilled of progress, and Moey Xin Seng felt confident of a result.

"There's a chemistry building within this new arrangement. It should be sufficient."

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