12 November 2016
Wings Unearth Chan

It is not often that a fresh recruit headlines the club magazine, but if Chan Ze Han's photo-op for the Birds is any indication, they're having extremely high hopes of the fifteen year-old.

Chan, who in being inducted into the official academy U-20 squad a week past his 15th birthday has set a club record already, had been a revelation since he emerged on the primary school scene, and has already twice led his 'B' Division team to the nationals, surely a feat seldom achieved by a lower secondary student.

Heavily recruited by professional clubs, it took all of Tham Beng Li's wiles to convince him to join the Wings, and if the hugely-experienced scout is to be believed, it was all well worth it.

"Chan's definitely a wonderkid, but we've seen our share of them. What truly makes him stand out is, he certainly doesn't depend on size, strength, pace or any physical attributes at all, like most of them. And yet, he's excelled against lads far advanced in age. It's as if you took a seasoned pro, and stuffed him in a boy's body, it's that uncanny."

While talk of him being the next Tian Yonghang might be a little premature, the Grilled captain was certainly not counting the possibility out, and was reportedly personally involved in persuading Chan over.

In other academy news, the Buns' Rancher Rabbits youth side have just finished fourth in the international Testköz Kupa league, five points behind winners KAÜSZ II. Yip De Da confirmed their participation for at least one more season.

"We have some good prospects coming through, and the scouts happen have assembled a pretty tall team for the coming campaign. I hear that the coaches are already planning to work it to their advantage, with a long ball and set-piece-based game."

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