Tte. Fariña de Caacupé 1 - 2 Grilled Birds
International Friendly, Season 6909 October 2018 23:15 HTT
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Outside The Norm

"Good attendance, and good game." Moey Xin Seng said. "We probably could have been more decisive at times, and had Caacupé got a slightly better midfield, we would have been in trouble."

The hosts were always far more famed for their goalkeepers, it went without saying, and it isn't many clubs who can list two national stars in that position on their squad. Baldur Carvajal was unfortunately unable to make an appearance due to a minor ankle injury, to the great disappointment of Rykowski and Dan Seng.

Farmer Bunnies' odd lineup proved no match for Italian III.14 leaders Normal Team, who broke them 3-0 at Carrot Field. The loss also saw the probable retirement of 38 year-old Abderahim Bentellis through injury, after he couldn't recover from Teddy Ame's crunching challenge in the 35th minute.

Sikong Darong confirmed the bad news shortly after the match. "It's not looking good." he announced grimly. "The doctors tell me it's a bad break, and that Bentellis may not be young enough to come back from something like that anymore. We'll still be holding out hope, for now."

Finally, Grilled International managed yet another victory, this one against Northern Ireland's Derrylin Town. Derrylin made five subs at half-time to try and erase a G.I. blitz that saw Ragib Banović and Micky bin Kadir on the scoresheet by the eighth minute, but would instead have to suffer Fausto Perono making it three with a little dance, 68 minutes in.

The Northern Irish would be consoled after a blatant handball from Soo Kiong Yau a bit later, yielding a penalty that Carl Cleere boomed in. It could then have been a honest-to-goodness comeback, after James Polk's beaut of a strike sparked Derrylin to life, but Kieron Smith and then Louis Jelleyman missed great chances to return them to level terms.

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