02 October 2018
Anis Matches Maelys

Do-it-all Chicken Wings favourite Amran Anis was picked up by Belgian sixth division club F.C. Maelys for S$182000 today, following a long-running bidding duel with Norwegian VI.129 leaders Fusa Il. Fusa's head coach Moltas Hagerberg had made no secret about wanting Anis to join his youth revolution, but the 17 year-old was won over by the more-established Maelys.

Neither did Maelys' history of moving many their youth players on quickly deter Anis. "It's not a bad thing, when you see the clubs they end up with." he said. "I'm not set on staying forever at a club at my age, though it might not be bad if it happens either."

The biggest knock about the undoubtedly-complete trainee had long been his unwillingness to stick to a role, which some scouts felt would count against him in a modern environment that demands specialists. "That's what I'm most worried about." his discoverer Mok Feng De said. "As a mentor and friend, I think he might spend more time on the wings - he's good at it."

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