harrison's cave f.c. 0 - 7 Grilled Birds
International Friendly, Season 6924 October 2018 22:10 HTT
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harrison's cave f.c.
Grilled Birds
Chu Xin Lee (2)
Chu Xin Lee (18)
Chan Ze Han (27)
Chirag Thevar (33)
Kalki Parvathaneni (56)
José Luiz Velho (59)
Chu Xin Lee (83)

Harrisons Harried
Chu Sends Three

Grilled landed in Saint Thomas, Barbados to take on H.I. fifth division club harrison's cave f.c., and ran out seven-nil winners against the hosts' teenaged trainees. They definitely looked snappy in their navy and yellow halves, with an intriguing lopsided 3-4-3 to boot, but came up short where it counted.
Fresh off a much-needed strike against Talpons, Chu Xin Lee was well up for this one, and he would score with his second touch. Florus Romijn had certainly been well-rested over his suspension as he tore down the left from kick-off, and Chu only had to take Yeter Zalal out with his confusing first touch, before swirling it into the net.

Chu was a major factor in Grilled's clear ascendancy early, and although harrison's tried to even the odds with diligent pressing, it took a heavy toll on their youngsters. Amadeusz Pułka, playing only his eighth senior match at rightback, sparked concern when he collapsed heavily on his chest in the 16th minute. Fortunately, there was no permanent damage done, but the drop ball would be turned into Chu's - and Grilled's - second goal.

The Birds gave back a little of their own through José Luiz Velho's irresponsible takedown of Eusebio Pavoncelli as the lithe Italian threatened to get away from him; this was again followed by a Grilled breakthrough, this one from Chan Ze Han's thunderbolt from the corner of the penalty area. Chirag Thevar would make it 4-0 in a goalmouth melee, before the hosts' Gaetano Giampaolo got booked for a loud altercation with Moey Xin Seng, over what he felt was unfair holding-back.

That was it for the half, and Leonard Nguyen and Remco van der Ban would succeed Thevar and Yuki Irie for the remainder of the friendly. harrison's continued being keen but somewhat naive, and Giampaolo - definitely more towards the latter - stepped up innocently in the 56th minute... which was all the invitation Kalki Parvathaneni needed to burn him for pace.

Another goal would follow three minutes later, though it was rather more unprepossessing from Velho. The hosts would make a bid for a consolation in the 64th minute, with Pułka lifting it blind over the Grilled backline on a rare harrison's advance. It dropped near-perfectly for Cezary Okniński, who unfortunately swung too hastily.

harrison's would not get a chance nearly as good as that ever again, as Velho nearly put Grilled seven up, after some concerning loss of positional discipline from their defence. Moey would deserve his late yellow card for raking Jean-Pierre Sennet's thigh, even if unintentionally, but it would be Chu Xin Lee who would profit from the break in play, by completing his hat-trick from the counter.

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