Albacity de la Mancha 2 - 6 Grilled Birds
International Friendly (Cup Rules), Season 6316 November 2016 12:25 HTT
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Farmer Laid Lou

Luis Alcántara was happy overall with the team's performance, but could not avoid warning Low Aik Jia about his attitude; the left winger had been a near non-entity on the left, and it was more than obvious that he could have been much more involved.

"It may just be a friendly, but there's no place in this squad for players who won't pull their weight." Alcántara declared, stopping short of naming the offender directly. "Stop giving your all, and it become a habit."

Alcántara further reminded the midfield not to get their heads in the sky. "It was a good day, but keep in mind the opponents weren't taking it too seriously. There were plenty of wasted attacks even so, they will have to improve their decision-making greatly, if they want to make it in Division Two."

Earlier, Nigerian third division leaders loumima fc had come back from a goal down, to beat Farmer Bunnies 2-1 at Carrot Field. Ermis Ftenopoulos had opened for the Buns with his favourite glancing header, but the early departure of Vishnu Tallapaka due to a turned ankle took a lot from the side's fluency.

loumima fc would come out strongly in the second half, and a controversial penalty call on Erik Vaina's tumble inside the box, allowed Knut Gausdal to level from the spot. The Norwegian defender would go on to score the winner in the 81st minute, blasting his free-kick through a gap in the Buns' defensive wall.

    Resolve Dissolved
    It's Over
    Dante May Try
    Albacity Won Over
    Farmer Laid Lou
    ALTINTAŞ Snag Tang
    Out Of Gas
    Nguyen Hits The Sport
    Wings Unearth Chan
    Villains Sendoff
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