8 Low Aik Jia
PositionLW/RW/CMFAppearances132 (8)
Date of Birth17th JuneCompetitive Goals47 (22/23/1)
Height179 cmCompetitive Hattricks0
Weight73 kgFriendly Goals14
Blood GroupO+Injuries2
Cards2 Red, 16 Yellow
FromPFC Thracians, SG$6 120 000 (Season 53)
ToLuluak Rimbo H.C, SG$4 309 500 (Season 63)

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Low was a weekend kickabouter with no particular aspirations when he was persuaded to attend a trial at Sentosa Soccer Club by his friends, where his blinding pace soon caught the eye of all present.

Against all expectations, he improved by leaps and bounds in a few short months, and was deemed good enough to be recruited by Italian club A.C Fornacette. Although he wasn't kept on, it was perhaps for the best as he obtained vital game time in Honduras with the up-and-coming MaS Que PriNgaoS F.C, where he established a reputation as one of the most promising young Singaporean wingmen in recent years.

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