United Warrior Team 4 - 3 Grilled Birds
Cup (Round of 16), Season 5731 December 2014 04:30 HTT
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The Emerald Dream

Grilled captain Tian Yonghang could barely hide his disappointment as Gavrilović blew for time, but he was soon the very picture of dignity as he swapped jerseys with chief antagonist Marcel Liefke, even as the curtains came down on yet another Singapore Cup attempt.

"We can have no regrets." Tian said after the game. "United Warrior Team had their tactics right, and we gave up some soft goals. Myself, I think Krystian Rykowski did decently, but it could have been very different had Wong Tian Han been fit."

A consolation was that Woon Shun An's new groin injury was rather less serious than feared. "He instinctively shielded himself very well." chief medic Ian Chuang observed. "From my angle in the dugout, I thought it would be bad, but it turns out that there's merely a slight contusion. He should be back by Sunday, or at worst, next Wednesday."

Grilled's attentions have now turned to the Emerald Challenger Cup, whose holders Robbie Football Club have just been knocked out of the Sapphire Cup. They do face stiff competition though, as fellow S-League sides Pudgy Penguins and Isle of Flames also entered the competition, having been upset by Joker 9 and Edbe FC respectively in this round.

The second round of sixteen sees the Birds matched with newly-formed Division Four representatives STMJ United, for whom the match will be just their sixth official one since their registration. While Grilled should take this, there is a high likelihood of coming up against either Charis FC or old foes -= Manchester United =- in the quarterfinals.

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