AC Fantasista 4 - 2 Grilled Birds
Cup (Round 6), Season 5007 November 2012 04:30 HTT
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Only One Goal

Niculae Stanca praised AC Fantasista as worthy winners, and admitted that his tactics did not pan out. "Well, we have shown that we are much better at attacking than defending a game. Kudos to Fantasista, it was a good, clean fight, and we were simply outplayed."

"This does however mean that we have only one thing left on our minds for the next few months, and that's winning the league. Rapala and CCP are still in it, having managed 2-1 wins today, and they will have to decide what they really want."

The Birds will be helped by having all personnel available to travel to Fisherman's Horizon on the weekend, with Walter Ross and Hovaness Noubaryan officially cleared to play. Stanca however played his cards close to his chest as regards his lineup. "It'll be a strong side." was all he would divulge.

Grilled's exit came as the same time as reigning S-League champions Arrogancae, who were destroyed 5-0 by a buoyant North Raiders team, who go on to meet new top seeds Robbie Football Club. Wee Li'l Lads too enjoyed another high-profile upset, as they edged L1verpool 2-1.

    Rapala Netted
    Fone Rings
    Chins Up
    Fantasy Ends
    Only One Goal
    Liang Comes Home
    Spartans Stayed
    Efficiency Rules
    Teo, Teja To Go
    Never Say Never
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