Grilled Birds 4 - 3 SpartanSG
League, Season 5004 November 2012 04:30 HTT
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Efficiency Rules

The supporters could barely believe that Grilled had again pulled a one goal margin victory out of the bag, which made it fifteen points out of five games. "It seems like all the bits of luck that went the other way in previous seasons have finally returned." production manager Yan Goh, 43, commented.

Skipper Qassem Madaini could hardly believe it either. "We've been very good, but it takes more than very good to win all these games. The hardest part, away games to Rapala FC and CharlesCheesePie, is now before us, but thanks to the lead, we will not be under too much pressure to get results. If we get three points from these two games, I would say that it's on for real."

Hat-trick hero Mohd Safri bin Mohd Kassim concurred. "My teammates served up those goals to me on a platter. If this keeps up, there is no reason to fear any team in this league."

Rapala FC have gone into a bit of a slump after being hammered by Phantasm Hotspurs, though a narrow away loss to CCP is nothing to be ashamed of in the best of circumstances. CCP's Quirze Sans will however miss both Grilled games after breaking his leg, but even without him and Ng Wee Kiong, the Pies do still have Zulharisan bin Mamud and Manfredo Noriega to draw on.

The Hotspurs looked totally spent after their awesome performance against Rapala FC last Sunday, and were easy pickings for heimu XI, who trampled them 6-1 en route to quietly maintaining second place. heimu's defence was a sight to behold, and although Soon Liang How weaved magic to put Phantasm ahead, it was a false dawn with heimu getting four in by half-time.

Last but not least, Siegmund United recovered into a mid-table position by beating the still-winless JUtd 4-1 at home. Goals from Glen Abernathy and Markus Schlager got the former S-League side halfway towards their first league victory of the season, much to the relief of their fans.

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