17 March 2024
Hobo & Bilardo

Two 17 year-old youth defenders - if of somewhat different styles - got their senior careers off the blocks today, with Lai Boon Woon from Grilled Birds and Hj Mohammad bin Hj Sariful Rizal from Grilled International taken on by their new clubs on free transfers. Lai would go to Hong Kong IV.16 side Los Hobos, who recruited him together with hobos club's Erwin Luzon and FC Arsenal HK's Kwok Ruhao as part of their first-ever intake.

Local head coach Fan Tailai was reportedly impressed by Lai's versatility in transitioning into midfield, an ability magnified by his take-charge nature. "You always want at least one of those in your backline." Birds head scout Tham Beng Li asserted. "Lai is able to command without having his teammates feeling he's bossy, captain material if ever there was one."

Hj Mohammad bin Hj Sariful Rizal on the other hand has preferred to concentrate on his defensive duties, and had made himself known as a marker and tackler par excellence, in his time at the Busy Bees. He would also be taken in by a newly-founded club, Argentina's El Bidón de Bilardo, who are looking for a quick promotion from VI.453.

Pascual Gaspari could well field Hj Mohammad straightaway in their coming friendly against chukydelcele fc, which would suit the lad just fine. "I'm confident that I will do both El Bidón and International proud." he boasted.

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