Wesnoth FC 1 - 6 Grilled Birds
International Friendly (Cup Rules), Season 8721 March 2024 02:00 HTT
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Unlucky GHG

The late friendly kickoff in Nuevo León would have the squad rushing to catch the first flight back, to the disappointment of several of its members. "Frankly, I had hoped to be able to catch some of the sights." two-goal hero Evandro La Face said. "Perhaps next time!"

Back in Singapore, Farmer Bunnies would grind out a 1-0 against Greneda IV.19 leaders GHG, who should probably have won after close misses by Reimo Haud and Sean Bailey. In the end, Ong Li Jing happened to be in the right spot as Prakash Bhujbal sent the ball high eight minutes from time, and the defender caught it with the instep of his right boot, to scuff an unlikely winner.

He would dedicate the goal to teammate Lee Yau Tong, who had to go off with a gashed left calf, after taking Olegario Gaviglio's wild challenge in the 66th minute. "That looked gnarly." Ong commented.

Grilled International made a trip to Burkino Faso to play IV.35 challengers AS UNLUCKY, and came out worthy 4-0 victors with Waldemar Gołata grabbing a headed brace. The goals came in the 71st and 74th minutes after a busy but goalless first half, with Redhuan bin Mohd Aleshahfezan finally vanquishing the home team's resistance, with a fine turn and shot 51 minutes in.

There remained time for Redhuan to cross it flat for Phua Li Kong to volley home, only for Phua to mar his day with two yellows - first for hacking at Gailenis Kornas's ankles in his rush for a second, before knocking Jos Tasiaux over after the Belgian wingback had released an excellent diagnonal ball towards Yahaya Souleymane. The finish was poor, but the foul was committed, and Phua would be dismissed by Hungarian referee Simon Katona without a second thought.

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