31 August 2022
Ferzan For All

Tian Yonghang's little shopping spree wasn't done, as it turned out, as he went on to snag 20 year-old Turkish winger Egemen Dinçer Ferzan from his hometown club TÜSEL FC, for a shade under S$4 million. Uncompromising on the left, Ferzan's penchant for bulldog-like rushes had also caught the eye of 1. FC Krypton (German Division Seven) and Solsidan Allstars (Swedish Division Five), but Tian didn't have to try too hard to secure the Birds' new Number 29.

"Baena and Trindade have been growing well, but there's always room for more talent on the wings." Tian noted. "Ferzan has a... unique style of running that I think they can pick up on. He's very, very difficult to bump off the ball, it's a side of the game that's often missing from modern players."

Had the approach for the Istanbul-based Ferzan not come off, word was that Tian was also looking hard at Comoros star Hamid Soulé, and maybe yigber sk's Czech speedster Josef Křiváček. "It's surprisingly difficult to identify options that fit our desired profile, even with an entire world to search in." the head coach mused. "But it's alright, we have got our man."

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