Football is Life 1 - 8 Grilled Birds
International Friendly (Cup Rules), Season 8231 August 2022 16:50 HTT
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Bakåt Pandemonium

If Egemen Dinçer Ferzan's new teammates didn't know what they were in for, they were all singing his praises after the fact. "He's an incredibly direct player." Teo Chuan Yong summarized. "To the extent that his directness becomes a feint in itself. Not many have the body to back that attitude up, but he seems born for it!"

Ferzan himself seemed to enjoy his debut very much too, but there would be no comments available, as he was whisked off right away at full-time, purportedly to complete some final formalities. There would be some questioning from reporters as to why Damian Hutter had not made this trip, which Tian Yonghang attributed to wanting him to acclimatize to Singapore's weather.

The Farmer Bunnies had earlier welcomed Swedish V.878 side FC Noll Koll Bakåt to Carrot Field, and their visitors would play almost all the friendly with ten men, after a senseless high tackle by Tomas Myrstål on Mushtag Al-Nameeri in the seventh minute. Jerad Meyer then opened in the 28th minute, with Vitaliy Efendiev slipping a second past American goalie Lonny Masse in the 56th minute, before thrashing a penalty right down the middle for 3-0.

Grilled International would replicate the Birds' 8-1 result exactly against Serbian Division Four outfit Pajdomani, with both Safari bin Hj Jali and Chua Jun Long recording braces in an easy stroll. Pajdomani had decided not to risk their best players such as Toni Egger and Kosta Adanović, and it showed.

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