03 December 2019
Jai Ho

A couple of trainees made their moves today, with the Farmer Bunnies' Jai Holkar transferring to Italian sixth division club FC Juak. Having risen two divisions in three seasons, Ronen Levi's team has constantly been active in the market - and they've not been stingy either, having just splurged S$12.7 million on 21 year-old Austrian goalie Kevin Ransmayr last month.

The attacking midfielder had also been eyed up by Andorran Division Four side Pidasa FC Santa Coloma, but ultimately opted for Lazio after visiting both. "This feels like a place where I can grow."

And for Grilled International, 18 year-old forward Hj Dani bin Emran was selected by Ecuadorean IV.40 leaders Centauros SC, who offered him a short-term six-month deal with possible extension. Dani leaped on it, and Busy Bees scout Daud bin Radiman attributed his club search success to his character.

"He's an okay striker, but a great leader." Daud commented. "I'd have taken a punt on him too, seeing as how much of a force multiplier he was with the Bees."

It's back to the drawing board then for other hopefuls such as the Birds' Sannath Kumar and Pek Shi Boon, and International's Shantinath Singh. Sim Chun Yao and Jamie Zeng will however call it a day on a professional career, after less than encouraging feedback.

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