Grilled Birds 3 - 6 IronMath
Tournament (Group Phase), Season 7306 December 2019 19:10 HTT
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Well Recifed

Grilled head coach Hovaness Noubaryan had to give it to the visiting IronMath. "They were simply that good." was his verdict. "They handled the Buns, we gave it a good go, and if Panigrahi hadn't been sent off, we might yet have pulled something off."

Noubaryan clarified that he couldn't blame the defender in this instance. "It was standard defensive craft to me there, you seldom see those called. Bhavya was unlucky there."

As it was, the Hungarian II.1 got the better of Singapore's II.4 here, with Joker 9 likewise taken out by BKV-Ellenőrök, by three goals to five. This was a letdown for Singapore Big Dogs, who were magnificent in a 2-1 triumph over Gyál United.

As for the Farmer Bunnies, they are yet to get their first Division Battle win in four tries, as they fought Fijian club Its Friday FC to a nil-all stalemate. Veteran custodian Ciro Bortuzzo had to be on his toes against the Buns' eager shooting, but Friday were not without their own weapons, and their mobility - especially for Rupert Mei - saw Mushtag Al-Nameeri and Tham Leng Teck booked.

Despite that, the S-League would win two of their five matches against the Oceanian II.3 to take the points here, with FC Barca Singapore and Bot Team FC scoring four apiece. Random Curiosity FC played out a 2-2 draw against The Flycatchers, while Haha fell 0-5 to Gattopleba.

Finally, Grilled International maintained their two-point lead atop V.231, as they saw Recife Sport off 3-0, in a game that was more lopsided than the scoreline might suggest. Sazwan bin Hj Muhd Salleh and Tibor Atzenhain could both have had hat-tricks on another day, but they would have to settle for one apiece against disorganized opposition.

Roar Olaisen's biggest concern would be Didi Reidenbach's impacted collarbone, which had the Swiss skipper hunched over in agony, about the 79th minute; Carlo Zecca, who led with his elbow then, had the decency to be concerned, and escaped official caution.

"The doctors say two weeks off, and I agree." Olaisen revealed. "We can probably cope without Didi for that long."

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