Grilled Birds 6 - 3 Omans Helden
Tournament (Group Phase), Season 7329 November 2019 19:10 HTT
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Without A Brakel

The home fans were raving about Islom Davlatov's effectiveness from the left after the fact, which probably didn't bode well for Heng Dong Chu's starting prospects. In the bigger view, the win helped II.4 to a victory over Oman's II.2, with Joker 9 also snagging victory, 3-2 over Sand Gnomes. Singapore Big Dogs did well too, as they drew II.2 leaders ARIEGE OMAN F.C after twice claiming the lead.

Farmer Bunnies would again fail to get their first win in the Division Battles, as their pressing tactics failed to gel against former Hungarian national champions IronMath; Robert Jones struck a worldie past Vivian Grubenmann in the 20th minute, and a tiring Buns team were then further stung by Raimund Jaksch, with five minutes remaining. With Haha also losing to Gyál United by the same margin, this had the Hungarian II.1 triumphant despite Bot Team FC's 4-1 taming of BKV-Ellenőrök.

Bunnies head man Dalibor Kostadinović saw it as a valuable trial, though. "The players should have picked up some do's and don'ts for pressing, against quality opposition. It's rare that we get to learn without real consequences, so I hope the squad approaches it with the right attitude."

Over to Grilled International in the H.I. league, they stayed on top of V.231, thanks to a 4-0 sweep of a flagging K. Olsa Brakel. Tibor Atzenhain scored for his fifth straight appearance with the opener swooping in from the right, and Li Xin Chi got one too, dribbling all the way. Sazwan bin Hj Muhd Salleh and Wang Chu Chi got the rest, while defender Subhi bin Hj Ahmad may be out for a fortnight, with a bad hamstring pull.

R.R.R. Rennschwein Rudi Rüssel established themselves as the main title threat, as they overhauled Recife Sport 4-1, lifted by Japanese superstar international striker Kenta Yuasa. AC Uettligen snuck into the top four via Alessandro Freshner's early effort against Manchesthair, while Nice litle pingvin crushed N.E.C. & Liverpool by eight goals to rise to fifth.

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