19 December 2019
Sale No Duff

Farmer Bunnies scout Tong Han Kong described Peruvian Division Five club Arsenal School City as having gotten the "steal of their life" today, after they snagged academy star Alex Duffy for a nominal S$12000. The just-turned-seventeen playmaker had been regarded as all but a sure thing since he first set foot in The Purple Plantation, and there had long been speculation about what price he would fetch - and upwards of a million didn't feel all that amiss.

Duffy's prospects only seemed all the more immense when former Belgium Sapphire Challenger Cup winners racing esen officially registered their interest, which in turn drew interest from Kara&Kartal (Turkish Division Six) and iGufi (Italian Division Six). Strangely, the talks went nowhere fast despite racing esen updating their bid, and Duffy seemed headed to established German sixth divisioners Team Hohenlohe at one point, before landing at City.

Some observers suggested that Duffy had agreed a short-term contract with a view to quickly moving on to a bigger club. "Arsenal have just sold Raimonds Šteinerts and Temujin Temur on for a nice chunk of spare change, which isn't unusual for them." Bunnies head coach Dalibor Kostadinović concurred. "It could be in Alex's interests, frankly. He just needs a shop window, the raw talent will shine through."

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