22 April 2019
Bhavya Here To Bhangra

The Birds' defensive unit would receive a much-needed boost, as Hovaness Noubaryan snagged 26 year-old Bhavya Panigrahi from Spanish fifth division club Oscurillos, for a round eight million dollars. Formerly an U-20 player with saiNts United FC, Panigrahi's early career took off with Swiss side Paul Panzer SC, and he would spend his next seven seasons at Oscurillos.

Noubaryan confirmed that the Grilled scouts had kept an eye on Panigrahi for some time. "It's not easy to get someone with the attributes we need, but Bhavya has proven himself to be adaptable in various defensive systems. He's held the fort on his own, and been used as a semi wingback alongside Josué Fabri and Chus Gaztañaga. And, like Gilbert Webb, he gives us another serious option on free-kicks."

As to whether Panigrahi's nationality tipped it for him, Noubaryan remained coy. "We had also been tracking Greek fellow Orestis Karasimos and former Pakistani youth international Shahid Rizvi, among others. Bhavya wouldn't be here purely based on his pink identity card, I'll say as much."

The newcomer will wear the Number Twelve jersey once owned by Gene Filippone and John MacKinnon, the first time it has been claimed by a local since Mo Hiu-Lam in the Birds' first season. With Yuki Irie nearing forty, and Hoàng Trung Quá already 37 years old, the future of Grilled's backline looks to belong to Bhavya, Webb and Yuta Nakakita.

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