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International On Safari

Grilled's best league start in twenty seasons continued, and if they win their next two against bottom club Real Balmoral, they will be in a position to break their previous record of eight straight victories. Prodigal son Moey Xin Seng is clearly up for it. "We're playing better than ever before. It's in our grasp."

-= Manchester United =- stayed five points behind, as Zoltán Veres struck a magnificent hat-trick against Robbie Football Club. Coincidentally, a third match also finished 1-4 to the visiting team, as Kim Tae Hee FC outplayed FC Tobi 74 in Holland Village. Real Balmoral achieved their first point of the season, but will be disappointed after going 3-0 up by the 17th minute; instead, Joker 9 managed to secure a four-all draw, thanks to Radomir Hołówka's extra-dramatic injury-time equalizer.

The Sing Tigers might have felt the same way, as Nurlan Ablaev pulled off an 88th minute winner for the Farmer Bunnies, ahead of their littlehorse home-and-away. The Buns' left flank wasn't functioning properly with Lau Chang Wan suspended, and after a brutal early dislocated shoulder to Julian Wedström, the Tigers would settle for grinding out a goalless draw.

The Buns could hardly afford to fall further behind JUtd, however, and the action rose to a crescendo late, with Llamil Vener introduced as their supersub in the 85th minute. Dalibor Kostadinović's tactics worked, and despite the Tigers' Dutch custodian Hein Pelleboer having a blinder, he would be beaten by Ablaev's lightning reflexes. Ableav would himself immediately be taken off, having taken Sheldon Nicholson's tackle head-on, and Tham Leng Teck nearly created a second for Enzo Paolo Panzarino on their final attack.

Ablaev - who had stayed on the touchline - would be the toast of his teammates in the joyful aftermath. "It's been a tough period for him, what with all the negative remarks in the press, so I'm glad Nurlan has hit back in the best possible way." midfielder Namdar Zarar said. "There are few that work as hard in training, even if it may not be obvious in matches."

JUtd had no trouble against Phantasm Hotspurs, winning by five, which keeps them a win ahead of Farmer Bunnies. This also kept it very tight in the bottom half of the table, with a single point separating The Sing Tigers in fifth, and The EV in eighth place.

As for Grilled International, they followed up their midweek 2-2 friendly tie against Dubai hosts etehad-hattrick, with an 11-0 thrashing of Estonian semi-pros Livonia United. Fausto Perono might have started brightly again with a second minute strike, but there was no mistaking it being Safari bin Hj Jali's day - the Number Nineteen began with a big header in the 56th minute, and only stopped 23 minutes later, with his fourth goal coming from a tap-in.

Wang Hanxuan, who got on the scoresheet himself, rated it as the best that he had ever seen "Jumanji" play. "He was a monster today, and I've seen some of those." Wang commented. "It was almost unfair for Livonia."

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